Monday, February 8, 2010

First Weekend with Lia and today

Good afternoon, all. Another update for everyone on Lia and me. Last week, on Friday, I did an interview with the Jacksonville Daily News here in NC. Today's front page was a beautiful picture of Lia resting her head on the bench outside the barracks. It is a well-written article and I think did a great deed to the organization. I was reluctant to do the interview because that is very public and something I'll have to get used to. Here is the article!!!! Well, for today, we went to the mall to get a movie to watch tonight. Everyone there knew who she was and we got a great number of compliments. She did amazing there. We then, went to the local gyro shop for a sandwich with a good friend of mine and fellow wounded warrior, Tony Sayo. Again, they knew who she was and greeted us with a great deal of respect. They had the paper already on the wall, with their other newspaper clippings. After the sandwich shop, we went to get my haircut. That was a little weird, as we hadn't done that public place yet. But it worked beautifully and she kept her composure around a loud group of guys.

To follow up on the MCCS Gas station incident here on base:
I spoke with Mr. Salau about the incident this morning, and he quickly spearheaded this problem. He emailed the Operations Officer for the Marine Corps Community Services(MCCS) division here on base and the issue was quickly responded to. The officer then sent out a mass-email to his subordinates in the retail division(gas stations, px, etc.) about the fact that "service animals are allowed in all MCCS places of business and activities." I was so impressed with how quick Mr. Salau had this handled. Hopefully, this will mitigate the issue before it happens again. Great job by Ed.

Weekend Fun:
We had a great, quiet weekend. It was our first couple days off, so to say, from my duties as a Marine. We went for a nice long walk down through the woods by the river, to my old batallion area. We through the ball around for a good hour on Saturday, after this walk. Yesterday, I walked her down to the park about a 1/2 mile down the road. She loved the riverfront and the little sandy, beach-type area. She wanted to go in the water so bad, but it was way to cold and that river is pretty dirty. But, she loved the sand on her paws and the small waves crashing. She is getting used to the abnormally-large population of sea gulls here on base. They were all over the park, and after a few minutes, she wasn't even paying them any mind. I will take the camera next time. We also went out to Onslow Beach here on base. She absolutely loved it! Again, I think it's the sand on her paws that makes it fun. She loved the waves and the crashing sounds. We sat there and enjoyed the surf for a good hour. It was nice. Great first weekend together.

I apologize to all for not blogging everyday this first few weeks together, but I have a kind of weird internet situation. My computer only works when it wants to, not when I need it. So, I will continue to do my best to get on here once a day to blog. Thanks to everyone who has made this all possible, me having the best life that I think i could possibly have at this moment. Until next time...