Monday, September 7, 2009

Day Three with Lia

Lia got to our hotel at about 0800 this morning. I was able to feed her her breakfast and go through that routine, which helped me get used to that. We took our usual walk around the field near the hotel and let me get used to the commands that go along with having her work on the leash. Went to Panera Bread at 1400, where we met Kyria, Brandon, and Wyatt, in order to have me there for my first public place with Lia. She did very well, considering her buddy was there. I was again shocked at how well she was responding to me after only three days. Definitely gave me a new perspective on how well Lia is going to help me. Another great day. Oh, and also, Lia grabbed her own leash without me telling her, to let me know she needed to go outside. Thought that was pretty awesome.