Monday, September 7, 2009

Day Four with Lia

Heidi dropped Lia off this morning at about 0800 again. Just as yesterday, got to feed her her breakfast. This is helping me get used to the daily routine of having her around. Great. Just makes me feel a great purpose again. We met Mr. Henry and Heidi at 1000 at the local Cracker Barrel and Lia did great, considering everyone there. After a conversation, we headed to wal-mart, in order for Lia to walk with me around the store. Mr. Henry and Heidi walked behind us to see how we would do. I was 100% amazed how great she was. I did my best to keep her attention on me, considering the always enormous amount of people at Wal-Mart. She never lost her focus and completely showed me what these animals are capable of doing. Again, reinforced everything I felt that Lia could do for me. Kept me confident in a place where I'm not too comfortable, either. We then embarked on the journey through PetCo. This was heaven for Lia. I can only imagine how great it is for her to go into such a place. So many things to smell and see that are awesome to her. I learned that my voice plays a big role in how she responds to me in such a situation. Overall, today was a great day with Lia and really capped off my week here in Morgantown. I look forward to my next trip to spend the week with Lia, and get closer to hopefully having her placed with me.