Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finished up week 2 with Lia

Well, it has been a great two weeks and one day with my girl, Lia. We have been getting used to everything here in Jacksonville, and slowly, integrating into the places we haven't been yet. Yesterday, we went a lot of places. We went to the two Food Lions that I frequent for food. We went to Wal-Mart, PetSmart, and to PostNet. Everyone in town is giving us a warm reception. Lia is famous here in Jacksonville. It is very nice to walk into a restaurant or business, and everyone know who we are and what Lia is there for. I have become a new person. A person without so many boundaries. I'm still getting used to the large crowds but Lia is really making it easier. Today, we went to the Auto Hobby Shop where we worked on a friend of mines car. Since the gas station incident, she is very well-known on base, also. They were happy to have her there, and the fact that I will be in there more often is good to know. We went for a pretty good walk about two hours ago, and she loves the river. We go down to the point sometimes for sunset and watch the small waves. She has gotten used to the seagulls. occasionally, they may get a look from her, but other than that, not too much attention is payed. Overall concensus: Lia is a lifesaver. Literally. She has saved my life and saved my family a lot of pain. Before Terry and Co. gave me my ultimatum, I was determined that I had no purpose being here. My thought process was that if my friends weren't here anymore, why should I be? Lia changed that. She gave me something to look forward to every month. Something to work for. Recovery. Now that she is here with me 24/7, there is no obstacle I cannot conquer. Long story short, Lia is my best friend and my compandre. Some people think I am a little off my rocker so to say, because I talk to her constantly. Some would say that she doesn't understand, but I know that she does and our bond is solid and confirmed. I even notice her mannerisms for wanting something. She'll turn her head left when I ask if she needs something. Then, it's a matter of time before i figure exactly what she needs. It's great. There is nothing we cannot get through together. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Paws4Vets. You are in the highest regards with this guy.