Saturday, February 20, 2010

Raleigh for Today

Good morning, all. Today, Lia and I are taking the 2 hour trip to Raleigh for the All Ford Classic Car Show at the fairgrounds with our automotive team here at the Wounded Warrior Bn. I am excited, not just for the show, but Lia meeting some of my family, since I am from Raleigh. My brother has not met her yet, so I figured I would knock that out. My mom hasn't seen Lia in a while, so she is excited to see her again. Overall, I am excited about getting out of Jacksonville for a day. Plus, maybe Lia will pick up on some of my love for classic automobiles. She already loves riding in the '56 Fairlane my buddy owns. So, should be a great day with my girl. Have a good weekend everyone.