Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sorry it has been so long.

Sorry guys for the long time in between blogs. i have been rather busy with appointments and getting things military-like sorted out. LIA and i have been having a grand time. We have been hitting the beach up and the restaurants that way due to the insanely great weather. It's been cooperating with everything.
Well, two or three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a pituitary microadenoma. it is a brain tumor in my pituitary gland and can cause a number of problems, which I am having some of those. I went to raleigh and saw a specialist who told that it is not cancerous. LIA went with me and it was great having her there to get me through the whole thing. It's not always good to hear you have a brain tumor, but with everyone's prayers and having LIA to look to in those moments of doubt, i got through it. They did some follow up blood work and decided i have high cortisol levels which explains my weight gain. Right now, they have decided not to do surgery, due to the relatively small size of the lesion. So, that's always good news.
This whole tumor thing, got me down for a couple weeks, but LIA was there to get me through every single day. We kept moving forward, going on walks, going out to eat and shop, and she's been keeping my PTSD at bay. I have had some nightmares, both affiliated with my combat experience and not, and she has woken me up every time. She is so good at reading my mood and knowing that she needs to get closer and let me pet her. It's been really a gratifying experience. I knew before and saw how much she helped me, but with this curveball thrown into the equation, she has helped me get clear of it. I am back on top and going to take it as it comes, with LIA by my side. Thank you everyone for undying support of me and LIA. I can't say enough about you guys for being there for me. You took a chance with an unstable guy, and I would like to think I've suprised the masses. Well, time for a haircut. i will be on here blogging every day or every other day. Again, sorry for the gap in blogs.