Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Post-Surgery Update

Hello, all. It has been way too long since I have felt up to doing a blog update, but I finally got down here to the computer to put a few words on the page. Well, Lia and I are doing excellent. We are getting some final addendums done to my medical board for medical retirement done, and we should be getting ready to out-process from the service. I just recently, 6 days ago, had a hernia repair surgery done, and it was a success. So, for the last 6 days, I have pretty much been in the bed. I was given 21 days of convalesence leave to heal up and get better. So, LIA has been taking care of daddy. She's been giving me the motivation to get out of bed each day and go for a little excercise in the front yard. It's a painful surgery, to say the least. Well, I hope all is well with everyone, and as soon as I'm 100%, i'll update again with more info about me and LIA.