Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Been a long time.

Well, I've been a bad blogger here as of late, with all the things going on in my crazy life. LIA and I are doing well together, as always, and I'm really glad I have her by my side right now. Anxiety made a comeback for me here about a week ago, and I had somewhat of an attack, but LIA kept me moving and assured me that i could beat it. I have this problem with wearing my uniform, as I am not proud of a lot of the things I have done wearing it. Well, my command knew that, and still FORCED me to put it on and stand duty in the barracks. Now, I understand I am a Marine still and that I am expected to do certain things. But when someone knows that something(wearing my uniform) triggers my anxiety and anger reactions, and still decides to put me in that situation to get a rise of me, boggles my mind. Once I assured them, that that wasn't a good place for me to be, they took me off duty and myself and LIA strolled down to the river and took some time to throw the ball around and relax. She's a lifesaver. Amazing. Every day I find a new way she helps me, and sometimes it's just her giving me a lick on the back of my hand when i'm stressed, or her giving me a "hug". I'm blessed, truly. Well, i will keep you as updated as I can remember to. Working on my memory and trying to get things together.