Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good afternoon.

Well, hello again, everyone. It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and LIA and myself, are standing Barracks Duty at the Wounded Warrior Barracks. It's a nice change of pace, as of late. I have just returned from leave for 23 days back home, and we were constantly busy, visiting friends, family, and getting out as much as possible. I know that LIA is my service dog and that she is there to make me more comfortable in public settings and in helping me get through my PTSD symptoms, but I feel this "responsibility" to spread the word of what these animals are doing for so many people with disabilities. While in Raleigh, I made sure to go to as many places as possible, and just be seen with LIA. We ran into no issues with anyone and it's great that people have a knowledge of service animals. But I feel that since everyone has done so much for me, the least I can do, is spend a few minutes everyday telling strangers and business owners about the organization and what you guys do. It's truly been a rewarding experience and I have been getting positive feedback from most. It's great to know that. I tried to show our faces (mine and LIA's) in Raleigh as much as possible, since it's highly likely, that's where I'll spend my next few years at. I feel like a new man. I feel renewed, rejuvinated, and refreshed by what I am able to do now. LIA is my right-hand "lady", and we're taking the world by storm. haha.
Well, another way me and LIA have bonded, beyond my PTSD issues and my anxiety, was something I didn't see coming a couple weeks back. My girlfriend and I split and it was a new kind of pain, new kind of feeling, for the first time in a LONG time. Only when LIA got here, did I have the confidence to be put in that situation, and even though, we are no longer together, LIA knew I was feeling hurt and heartbroken and never once, left my side for a couple of days. Even when we went outside to throw the ball or to let her HURRY, she would only go about an arms' length away. I shed a few tears, but LIA licked them right off my face and put a smile back on mine. It's amazing how she has made everything so much easier. Now, I understand i'm going to still feel pain and heartache, but she made something she wasn't trained to do, so much easier. She is my best friend on this whole earth, and I'd be lost without her. As we sit here at the duty desk, she must know that I'm typing about her, because she's looking intensly, at the screen. :) Well, that's enough for today. I'll definitely be blogging more, as I am back off leave and getting ready to work with Chadd on the Camp Lejeune program. Thanks so much for reading my random blog, bouncing all around. Enjoy your weekend.