Friday, July 16, 2010

Great time off

Hello, all. It's been a great vacation these past two weeks. LIA and I have been about everywhere. I have one important update that I thought would be noteworthy.
Most times when LIA and I go out to eat, there is usually someone else with us. Well, I've been slowly getting used to lunchtime traffic in busy restaurants and it's been tough. But Wednesday, we DID IT!!! We went to the Red Lobster in Raleigh. It was slam-packed full of people on their lunches, but we entered with confidence and were seated right away. The staff was so friendly, and for being a town not military-oriented, they were very interested in what service dogs are doing for PTSD. Now, I try and spread the word about Paws4Vets and Paws4People as much as I can. I surely think they got the message after lunch. It was very nice to be with just me and LIA, eating and relaxing in a chaos filled restaurant. Someone even picked up my lunch and paid anonymously. Brought a tear to my eye that there are quite a bit of people who absolutely appreciate our service and the things that Paws4Vets is doing to make our lives' easier and managable. Without you guys and LIA, there isn't any telling what I'd be doing right now. It's truly a blessing to have had this intervention. I love you, all and you are my angels. God Bless and goodday.