Saturday, July 3, 2010


Good morning, everyone. Been very very busy these last few weeks, but things are slowing down and I'm on a little bit of rest and relaxation time, at home for a few weeks. July 4th is among us and LIA and I will be spending it with my girlfriend and her family at White Lake. I'm slowly but surely waiting on the Marine Corps to make their minds up and get me out, and home. LIA has been doing excellent. She's got this barking thing she does when we are out of town, when someone comes in the house, but she's getting better about it. Raleigh presents a new challenge for me and LIA. There are so many places to go that have never seen a service dog in their establishment. We've been blessed thus far and peoples' knowledge is very high. Yesterday, we went to one of the larger malls in the area and got a warm welcome. I was a little rattled by all the people in their, it being a holiday weekend and all, but LIA stuck close and we got through it without incident. Things have definitely taken a turn for the better with my symptoms and all. I haven't had a nightmare in quite some time now, and the only real problem has been my headaches. Together, LIA and I are tackling all my issues as they come at me, and rolling with the punches, so to say. I will keep everyone posted and hopefully be able to post some pictures from this week at the Lake. Hope everyone has a blessed and safe Independence Day. :)