Sunday, May 23, 2010

A couple pictures.

Good afternoon, all. It's busy busy busy busy here nowadays. Trying to complete all my appointments to separate from the Marine Corps and retire medically. I have been keeping busy, trying to get things in order to move back to my hometown. It'll be a very nice change of pace. Anyways, LIA and I have been doing GREAT. With the weather so beautiful, we have been keeping active and getting to the beach as often as possible. Haven't ran into any real problems, but a few people, in certain public businesses are still a little uneducated about Service Dogs and their rights. Nothing that after speaking with a manager, couldn't be solved. Just an education issue with employers/employees. I'm blessed to have the most wonderful friend by my side, to help me keep my cool in those situations. If she wasn't there, I'd definitely be a little more aggressive. So, problems averted and we continue to move forwardly, making progress with my PTSD. LIA and I have spoken to the VA in the Raleigh/Durham area about transferring my care and making sure there is not a lapse in my psychiatric care. So, I'm beginning to get a hold on the idea of being back home. :) Here are a few pictures I took yesterday, since I finally got a camera. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.