Monday, May 3, 2010

It's been a while...

Good evening, everyone. It has been a good bit of time since I was on here to blog last. I have been busy, as me and LIA take on the world. Things couldn't be better right now. LIA and I traveled to Portsmouth, VA to see the neurosurgeon about two weeks ago. The news was mostly good, considering that I probably won't have to have surgery, pending one final test. If the results come back in, this pituitary tumor will just have to become a part of me.
Everyone has been telling me how "normal" I am becoming. I can only attribute this success to my right-hand gal, LIA. She has consistently been my rock. She continues to give me that nudge to just keep on pushing, and worry about today. No more thinking about what was, just what will be.
I did have a nightmare four nights ago, in which I awoke to LIA laying on my arm, licking my face. I immediately knew that I was not in Iraq, and that I was in my bed at home. I was able to fall back asleep and let it go from my mind. The next day, even in the living room, LIA wouldn't leave my hip. On the sofa, she would lay her head on my lap and I knew, as I already did before, that this is best thing that has happened to me in a good many years. My best friend is letting the things that once crippled me, become minor inconsistencies in my days.
Well, since I have been trying to get out as much as possible, and spend time in the sun, we traveled to Topsail Island with my girlfriend this weekend. LIA absolutely loves the sand at the beach and it really puts a smile on my face to see those ears perk up at the waves coming and going. She's still a little unsure why they do that, but I can tell she's getting used to it. We went to a local seafood restaurant on the island, and everyone was very welcoming of Alicia, LIA, and I. The community here, and in the surrounding areas, thanks to Paws4Vets, has become so aware of what service animals, like LIA, can do. She was absolutely PERFECT in this restaurant. Now, let me give a little description of the setting. Very RITZY (i think I spelled that right) place, with candles and such, and on the ocean. Very much not my normal atmosphere, but LIA made it so easy to just sit in peace IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RESTAURANT. Never in my life, did I imagine I would be able to sit in the middle of a crowded, fancy restaurant again. Just didn't seem like it would ever be. LIA has gotten very used to what makes me uneasy and knows when to give me that nudge on my hand, to let me know it's "all good", as they say. Once we were seated, I was comfortable in the environment, and conversating with Alicia. We ate our meal, walked on the beach, and headed to our hotel for the evening. We all sat on the balcony as the sun went down, and LIA loved the wind whipping. Great weekend getaway.
Now, I have said it before, and I will say it over and over again. LIA, the paws4vets/paws4people organization, and everyone behind me, have changed my life. I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of you who have helped me overcome, what I once thought would be the end of me. In my darkest of hours, you all saw something in me, to be persistent and to continue to motivate me. Thanks to you, and of course, Miss LIA, I am where i am today. I could go on for hours about what you have done for one tired Marine. You all have a special place in my heart. Thanks again.

Well, it's a little late and I should get some sleep. Have a great week everyone.